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Our company, Toscana Foto Service, has always been involved in selecting and distributing quality video and photographic products on the national territory.

This is possible thanks to a team of close-knit and competent experts, with over 20 years of experience in the sector.

We are aware of the difficulties that the current market entails, which is why we offer ourselves as a guide, partner and ally.

Our goal is to allow our customers to remain competitive and work together for a profitable business, listening to the market and anticipating their needs.

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Give our customers the tools they need to be competitive and anticipate market needs.


Create a large community of trained and passionate professionals, able to make a positive contribution to the society in which we live in by expressing the best of it.


Our story begins in 2007, the year in which Toscana Foto Service was born as a local photographic wholesaler in Tuscany.

During the first years, the commitment was concentrated in local development and in distinguishing ourselves in the market with innovative projects and ideas.

Until 2014, when we get the idea of ​​developing the company at a national level, we buy Fotocomm, a well-known Lombard distributor.

This acquisition has allowed us not only territorial development, but has also given us the opportunity to start the transition from wholesaler to distributor of brands such as DNP, Kodak Alaris, Canon, Fujifilm, Sony.

2015 was a busy year with great changes.

To meet the demand of the new distribution system at a national level, we came to an agreement with BRT for the external logistics, which allowed us to better manage the warehouse.

Then, Universo Foto Firenze was born, our retail store that allowed us to meet the new distribution system of the market-leading companies.

In 2016 Universo Foto’s turn, an ambitious project aimed at the stores of our sector.

A project based on our idea of following customers as partners and creating a direct relationship of sharing resources and services with them, in order to offer competitive prices, share sales strategies and raise the professionalism of the store.

In 2018, at the Toscana Foto Service headquarters, we invested in a computerized vertical warehouse that made it possible for us to better manage more than 8,000 products available to the customer with delivery in 24/48h.

This has also allowed us to expand the range of our imported products with several important brands.

With the acquisition of Ramaidea in 2019, we became importers and distributors of the company’s brands, completing our range with various accessories products.

In 2020 Toscana Foto Service is a large family that consists of:

Toscana Foto Service, increasingly focused on the import and distribution of photographic material throughout Italy.

Fotocomm, our cash & carry in Milan.

Universo Foto, a project that in 2020 consists of 40 stores that together offer events, trainings and special offers. It also has an online magazine and several social channels of photographic technique and culture.

Universo Foto Firenze, the retail outlet in Sesto Fiorentino that allows us to experiment and test the commercial initiatives which we offer to our partners.

Ramaidea, the online store of photographic accessories.

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