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Kase is a manufacturer of filters and photographic filter holders.

Its products are made with different types of connections, in order to have the perfect filter for every photographer.

Among the products we find:

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K9 Plate System

Kase’s innovative K9 plate system is a support system that works with full frame lenses starting at 14mm. It features a magnetic circular polarizer that can hold up to three standard 2mm by 100mm square filters.

An easy to use and highly creative system, thanks to the possibility of combining the effects of 3 filters.

Wolverine filters

The Kase Wolverine series filters are characterized by a high resistance.

They are resistant to shocks, and are treated to have an anti-reflection system, deposit of water, dust, oil, as well as an enhanced anti-mold, fungus, bacteria and anti-scratch treatment.

Rear Filters

For ultra-wide lenses, Kase has created a series of dedicated filters to be mounted on the rear or directly on the lens via an adapter or, in the case of Fuji, inside the lens connection.

The filters available are UV, ND8 / 16/32/64/1000, Neutral Night

Clip Filters

For Sony Alpha, Nikon z6 / z7, Canon R5 / R6, Fujifilm X-H1, X-T4, X-T3, X-T30, X-Pro3 cameras, Kase has introduced a new type of mountable filters on any camera and lens combination.

In fact, these filters have been designed to be mounted in front of the camera sensor and are available in UV, ND8 / 16/32/64/1000, Neutral Night version.

This new type of product is particularly interesting because in addition to carrying out the main function of the filter, it protects the sensor of the camera by sealing it completely.

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Gold filters

The Gold series circular filters are products with professional features.

They are circular and UV polarizing filters and are characterized by very high quality optical properties and treatment (anti-reflection, anti-scratch).