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Viltrox is a brand that develops and produces photographic accessories/equipment, the brand is owned by the JYC company, which has been dealing with photographic material for more than 10 years.

The Viltrox brand in particular has been active since 2007 and manufactures different types of products including lenses, adapters, tubes and extenders.

obiettivo viltrox

All the products of the brand are designed and manufactured to obtain an excellent relationship between quality and price.

In fact, product development, design and production are carried out with extreme attention by a team of experts.

The company is able to provide customers with professional and reliable products and services, and can also boast an extremely rigorous and careful quality control.

In particular, Viltrox products are:


Viltrox manufactures Fuji, Sony and Nikon mount lenses. All the products are made of high quality and reliable materias, with an excellent quality – price ratio.

Among the objectives we find some wide-angle lenses including: 23mm f1.4, 33mm f1.4 and 56mm f1.4; and some cinema lenses.


The brand manufactures different types of adapters. These are extremely useful for adapting lenses with different attachments to your camera.

Among the adapters of this brand there are some particularly interesting products such as the EF – R adapter which allows you to mount Canon EF series lenses on the new Canon R mirrorless cameras.

adattatore viltrox

Viltrox extenders are accessories that are mounted between the camera body and the lens. They allow to multiply the focal length of the lens, they exist in different configurations.

The whole corporate culture of Viltrox is therefore oriented to provide its customers with very high quality products while maintaining a competitive price.


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