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Yololiv is a Chinese company born in 2015 that deals with professional streaming.

The company produces Yolobox, a small and portable system that makes direct streams using cameras and smartphones even without a web connection.

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This tool allows you to broadcast on different platforms at the same time, it is compatible with all the main social networks and can be configured to broadcast in customized modes.

Main product features of Yololiv, Yolobox:

Yolobox through the HDMI SD SIM and audio connections allows you to manage up to three video supports simultaneously and an audio source.

Through the video connections it is possible to connect not only a simple acquisition source such as a camera, but also a computer to project videos and/or presentations.
Yolobox allows you to reprocess the direct through a video mixer available inside and send it to the outside through an HDMI output.
The battery has a duration of about 3 hours, so this allows you to use it for a long period of time even without an external power supply, but in any case if 3 hours are not enough, you can connect it to a power bank to keep it charged during shooting (with the supplied USB-C cable).

The internet connection is also possible through different supports: SIM, Wi-Fi or via LAN cable.

Yolobox is therefore a mini portable studio that allows you to manage the multichannel direct using only this product and the shooting tools.

With Yolobox it is possible to do the following things directly from the touch screen:
Switch from one channel to another
Select the audio input and set the recording volumes
Press “record” and record within the card
Select the format in which you want to save the media
Add one or more watermarks, or a rolling caption and add it to the library
And many more

Yolobox is therefore a complete tool for professional streaming, it allows many customizations to make each live special and more and more engaging.

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